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Head Office
5-6-34-201 Nakamachidai,Tsuzuki-ku,Yokohama,Kanagawa 224-0041 Japan
148-2 Odanacho,Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama,Kanagawa 224-0027 Japan


Head Office
4 minutes walk from Nakamachidai Station of Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line
14 minutes walk from Higashiyamada Station of Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line

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Reserve SB and PRT (IT) NOW

At ASSEMBLEPOINT, engineers team who have experienced in various fields of major manufacturing industries develop Electric Vehicles utilizing their technology backed by experience.
We will give advise to customers by our practical know-how and thoroughly support management and business innovation.


Smart Bus (SB) Brochure

Smart Bus (SB ) and PRT (IT) Details

1. Features


 An economical compact EV bus with affordable price and low running cost.

 Fully compatible with Class 1 of Jeepney Modernization.

 A handy SWAP-type battery (Li-ion) allows, for example, 24 hours continuous operation.

 You can receive SB inspection and repair locally throughout the country.

  Warranty program is following industry standard.

    Please see below for details of SB specifications.


  You can monitor the followings from the office through PRT.

   fare collection, vehicle location, power consumption level, driving quality (e.g.hash braking, over speed)

  Having these data, you can,

    1) Improve efficiency by putting in place more or less SBs in operation according to demand.

    2) Prevent troubles related to fare collection.

    3) Improve driving quality of each driver.

    4) Monitor each driver’s performance.

  On-Demand service can be realized.

   Point to Point, Carpooling, Charter.

Feb 2020 Tour of Intramuros via SB

     The Department of Tourism held a dry run of the Pasig River Cruise to Intramuros Manila last Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2020. 
     Tourism Secretary, Berna Romulo Puyat invited the media and local travellers to a 45-minute ride. They were met by Manila Mayor Moreno in the Escolta terminal who took them to a scenic and educational tour of Intramuros via SB.

May 2019 SB joined the LTO Motor Show

Last May 2019 Assemblepoint SB prototype unit under Clemenisle Philippines joined the exhibit at the LTO Motor Show, with this year theme of “LTO E-Drive@107!”. The agency celebrated its 107th Founding Anniversary with different activities including the motor show which were attended by different Automobile, Motorcycle and Electric Vehicle brands in the Philippines .

 Most of the guests who visited the booth commented that they look forward to see the vehicle running in the streets due to its efficiency and convenience, no noise and air pollution.

SB is the only four-wheeled vehicle run by the lithium battery engineered by a Japan Experts and soon to be manufactured in the Philippines. SB will be available in the Philippine market to support the government’s Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program.

Click here to view some of the photos from the event


March 2019 SB in Rikuzentakata City, Japan

Last March 20, 2019, we participated a conference on "Universal Design of Mobility" held in Rikuzentakata City which was undergoing reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake.  

We conducted a demo run that made the Smart Bus (SB) popular among participants. Those who tried the test ride were amazed and gave a good feedback such as "Steps are low - it is easy to get on and off", "Quiet and comfortable to ride", and "having a conversation inside is fun". In addition, there was a request from related parties that they want to send it to Rikuzentakata City as a symbol of the City’s recovery.


[Media Articles]

Web Tokai Shimpo: https://tohkaishimpo.com/2019/03/21/243891/

Iwate TV: Click here to watch the news

Photos of the conference and the SB demo

Nov 2018 SBX in Lancaster New City Cavite

In Lancaster New City (Cavite) Philippines, we conducted a demonstration of using SB as a taxi and a passenger bus inside the village.


Door to Door Taxi  : Nov 5-18

Regular Route Bus : Nov 19-25


Oct. 2018 SB(Smart Bus) at NEDO POC Ceremony

 (Photo: NNA ASIA)
In a demonstration experiment of MaaS (Mobility as a Service) business which SOFTBANK is promoting as a new transportation system using  electric vehicle with IT support, SB (car on the right of the photo) was also experimentally operated.
Many people were participated from the Philippines BOI (Investment Committee under the Ministry of Trade and Industry), the Intramuros Supervisory Authority under the Ministry of Tourism and NEDO, Softbank and others from Japan.
(Philippines · Intramuros) (Photo: NNA ASIA)

Aug. 2018 Exhibit SBX in #2PhilAPECS

SBX was exhibited at # 2 Phil APECS (Car and automobile parts exhibition) held in Philippines on 9-10 August. The Philippines Parts maker Association (PPMA) sponsored the exhibition which theme is "Modernization of Jeepney". Electric minibus SBX attracted attention as many relatively large buses were exhibited.  

Apr. 2018 Test-drive event of SBX Production Model

We invited people who cooperated in development of SBX to the Fuji Speedway test ride event of SBX. Our guests enjoyed driving SBX with greatly improved Driving performance and Noise level, using one each of left and right steering wheel vehicles.

Click here for SBX Test Drive Scene.

January 2018 : SBX Debut in MANILA !!

We exhibited a four wheel electric mini-bus(SBX) and held a test ride exhibition at the event hosted by the Intramuros Administration affiliated with the Phlippine Tourism Ministry.
SBX operates in the new public transportation system that SOFTBANK is promoting for Southeast Asia.

August 2017 : Driving test of EV Proto#1

Running test for the first prototype of electric mini-bus (SBX) was carried out at Yatsugatake and Fuji speedway.